Podcast: Regional Comms and the State of PR with Rich Leigh


My guest in this podcast is Rich Leigh who runs his own consumer PR agency in Gloucester, England.

We talk:

Measurement: How SEO and PR are married with social and content, therefore metrics should reflect true business objectives, not vanity metrics or (the amazingly still-used) advertising value equivalent

The London Bubble: Prompted by Marshall Manson of Ogilvy’s recent post on the attitudinal gap between London and the rest of the UK, we discuss comms outside the M25 and whether a similar creative gap exists. Especially given the great innovation in places like Brighton and Bristol, and the dispersal of many senior comms professionals who have moved out of London.

Creativity in PR: Rich runs PRExamples.com, which showcases great PR campaigns. We look at the good and bad of 2016.

Future gazing: Where will the industry go in 2017? It’s a cheap excuse for me to talk my favourite topic du jour, drones.

Have a listen. What do you think about the points we discuss? Leave a comment or connect with us on Twitter.

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