Podcast: Effective Content Marketing with Lisa Myers

With so much crap on the Internet, how can you really stand out with quality content? For Lisa Myers of London-based Verve Search, the answer lies in truly understanding what appeals to audiences, then taking a different approach to content creation and seeding.

Lisa Myers

Lisa Myers, Verve Search

I attended The Inbounder conference in Valencia recently, where Lisa Myers of Verve Search outlined the process her agency deploys when seeking content that resonates with audiences, encourages shares and generates links (for more, check out our summary of Day Two at The Inbounder).

I caught up with her outside the space-aged City of Arts and Sciences venue to discuss her philosophy in greater depth.

“When everyone is doing the same thing, it’s easy to be buried in the mountain of rubbish that also gets called ‘content marketing’,” Myers says. Instead, Verve Search focuses on creating content that web publishers can put their own spin on, so you end up with many more links and much more attention.

In this five-minute podcast, we also discuss the psychological construct of content, and the challenges of being bold and creative, especially if clients are sceptical. Thanks again to Lisa for her time.

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