AI can’t replace us but we must work with the change

I’ve been reading how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to replace PR jobs. I believe quite the reverse is true. Automating low-skilled, repetitive tasks will free many to do more meaningful, thoughtful PR. You can never replace human authenticity with robots in a people industry. I read this thoughtful piece on the PRCA blog around

Five Steps to Successful Influencer Marketing [Video]

Influencer marketing is high on the agenda of PR agencies and the brands they represent. But how many understand how to find influencers, how they work, when and whether to pay them, or the role of microinfluencers, for example? I’ve been on both sides having run influencer relations for B2B and B2C brands, and on

Holding our predictions to account. What next for comms in 2017?

The end of year predictions post has become something of an agency tradition, but how many look back and see if they got it right? I’m going to do that right now, and look ahead to 2017. I remember when I was a tech journalist years ago receiving endless prediction press releases from analyst groups.

Podcast: Regional Comms and the State of PR with Rich Leigh

My guest in this podcast is Rich Leigh who runs his own consumer PR agency in Gloucester, England. We talk: Measurement: How SEO and PR are married with social and content, therefore metrics should reflect true business objectives, not vanity metrics or (the amazingly still-used) advertising value equivalent The London Bubble: Prompted by Marshall Manson

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